“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”
Howard Schultz
Trans-european business enablers
Devance is committed to develop, negotiate and encourage international trade and business contacts between businesses, education institutions and research facilities including the conduction of consulting activities. We build bridges between young talents and well established businesses to unlock the innovative potential and to link market needs with entrepreneurship. With the modernisation of trade relations and investments for sustainable economic development, economic growth and a stable, prosperous and democratic future for all European citizens is ensured.
Ambitious & reliable partners
Passionate commitment for our customers and absolute reliability is what devance stands for. In a world of rapid change and development, the decisive success factors are focusing on interpersonal relationships and thoroughly understand the specifics of national markets. Our task is to build up and foster international trade and business contacts especially between German and Urkainian companies. We want to build bridges between universities, young talents and well established businesses which would become part of the success story. We have the necessary experience, in-depth knowledge and relationships with key stakeholders to provide you with further advice on entering the Ukrainian and German market.
Business today is focused on international competition and opportunities afforded by globalisation. However to develop and successfully engage in global markets, companies will need a thorough knowledge of the national specifics. Ukraine provides comparative advantages when it comes to skilled and motivated ressources or competitive price levels. Germanys competitiveness stems from several successful reforms and a relatively high level of specialisation in industrial engineering. Together both countries can benefit from their strenghts, overcome weaknesses and secure their futures.
Ukraine is about to become Europes rising tech nation. Besides succesful and well estbalished industries like space and rocket engineering, aircraft and ship building, IT services and Software development are on the rising edge. The transformation of the economy and the development in to western markets will be the future challenge.